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As far as great American summer pastimes go, the road trip is hard to beat. It contains all the most crucial elements of summer awesomeness: friends, music, impromptu detours to check out the world's largest ham sandwich. Plus, you get to sit down the entire time. It's not even a contest.

Yet even the mighty road trip can have its speed bumps, so to speak. Beyond scheduling adequate bathroom breaks and stockpiling sufficient road snacks, you need a strategy to ensure the music never stops. Because without great music, the glorious American road trip can devolve into just a group of cranky people crammed into a car. Use Beats Music and AT&T's troubleshooting guide to avoid this sad fate and keep your majestic trip rolling along with the perfect music for every moment (especially the "visiting the giant ham sandwich" part).


Problem: Everyone in the car wants to control the music at the same exact time.

Solution: You could settle this the way our forefathers did, with a duel on the banks of a mighty river at dawn — or you could just agree, before you even set foot in the car, to take equal turns with the music. But to avoid needless bloodshed and being repeatedly subjected to a playlist called "Awesome Family BBQ Mix 2003," agree to mix your own picks with some of Beats Music's expert playlists, curated by editors at Rolling Stone and Pitchfork — it'll help you bond while discovering great new music, and also help you forget which one of you broke the other's Lisa Loeb cassingle in a rage.

Problem: Someone forgot to pack the car charger for the phone, and now we're about 100 miles from the nearest place to buy a new one.

Solution: If you don't want attempting to remember all the words to "Semi-Charmed Life" as your only form of entertainment for the next two hours, take emergency measures — like disabling any widgets, live wallpaper, and other battery-draining features that you're not using, and keeping your phone cool and out of direct sunlight. These steps will help conserve your juice and, in the words of Shannon, "LET THE MUSIC PLAY."


Problem: How many times have we listened to these same ten albums? I'm serious, no, I'm asking a serious question here, HOW MANY TIMES AM I EXPECTED TO LISTEN TO THIS? What? Who's raising their voice???

Solution: Beat road trip music fatigue with Beats Music's The Sentence, a function that helps you set a musical mood and find new music for any occasion. Just choose from the menu to indicate where you are, who you're with, what you're doing, and what kind of music you feel like listening to — The Sentence will create a unique playlist for the moment. For example, enter "I'm in the car and I feel like taking a selfie with zombies to vintage soul and funk" and let The Sentence surprise you with a perfect playlist that you didn't even know existed. Oh, don't look at me like that. What I do with my zombies in my car is my business, okay?


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